Google makes changes to Panda

Google announced this week that their search algorithm had been fine tuned. Commonly known as Panda (at least in the SEO world that is) it has witnessed many changes since it was launched about six months ago. You might recall that the first version of Panda had web developers in a spin.  This was because the changes had effectively removed a hundred thousand websites from their comfortable positions at the top of the Google ranking lists.  The latest version of Panda continues to favor unique content but also gives greater wight to content placed as embedded video.

The change has favoured both Youtube and How Panda has helped Android remains a mystery. Regarding how video sites can prosper under the new formula, this could point further in the direction of hybrid web portals. As the spiders continue to grow sufficient power to look internally in the videos and read the contents, that content could perhaps be more and more highly indexed and prized.

Supposedly Google makes about 500 adjustments to their algorithm every year and rarely do we see any abrupt changes as a result of these tweaks. What is clear, though, from the statement is that minor changes in ranking positions are inevitably going to take place if Google fiddle with their switches every hour.

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