Have you heard of search quality alliance?

Have you heard of searchqualityalliance? Its a new service, an alliance, comprised of ex Google employees and guess what, they are providing online marketing services and SEO services.  In their words they will offer services on an international scale with local expertise.  This is the first time a group of ex Google employees have formed an alliance (plenty of ex Googlers have set up SEO companies of their own).  Does this mean that they will provide superb white hat SEO techniques? Will they have an edge in providing online services? Answers on a postcard please.

The search quality alliance team includes these 5 companies: Engeeno, Improove, Integral Web Solutions Optimanova, Webhelps! SEO Consulting and WoptiMo. And the team of the Search Quality Alliance includes Alfonso Verdugo, Ariel Lambrecht, Jonas Weber, Michael Schwarz, Pedro Dias and Sebastien Monnier.

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