Why have SEO content writing jobs started to proliferate?

Why have SEO content writing jobs started to proliferate?  The answer is content marketing. Those in charge of sites as well as bloggers need content to stay competitive on the web. Essentially they need well written and creatively produced search engine optimized (SEO) content in order to stay visible in search engine results.

Ssearch engines like Google digest content voraciously and, therefore,  the more a webmaster or blog owner publishes, the better they tend to rank, provided that is that the content is persuasive, relevant and well written.

Businesses need to avoid complacency. As the Google Panda updates have demonstrated it is critical to stay abreast of developments in search rankings.  It is also critical that good content is at the heart of any SEO strategy.  As search engines update their algorithm, businesses do need to be more creative if they want to get found on the web.

This is why many businesses have started to invest in content marketing. In order to conduct business successfully on the web it is all about informing a prospect, building trust with them through this content, before trying to pitch products and services to them. SEO content can do this beautifully.

That, in conclusion, is the lowdown on why SEO writing is such a burgeoning niche in freelance writing.

* More on Google Panda: Google revolutionised SEO by including user signals into its algorithm. Initially, this related to PageRank alone. Now increasing emphasis will be placed on other signals including time on page and website, bounce rate and probably returnees.  HomePage PageRank adjusted for the boost given to HomePages that are competing for keywords remains the top factor. As a result of Panda, those webpages that have lost position are being replaced by webpages with equivalent adjusted HomePage PageRank. Google has shielded information on the links that they count. A link count for a webpage on Yahoo shows a much larger number than those indicated by Google. As a result of Panda, Google is likely to exclude even more links but we will not know the details. 
Link building continues to be essential to Website success but it must be for natural links – articles and linkbait are still best. 


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