Are you expecting delivery of Pulitzer Prize-winning articles?

Businesses today face the prospect of either employing an in-house writer or outsourcing their content writing to an agency.  Overseas content farms will promise the earth and you might receive a competitive quote but are you realistically expecting delivery of Pulitzer Prize-winning articles for your blog or site?  Is it really possible that 1p per word content farms based overseas can deliver the kind of quality content that you are seeking?  I pose these thoughts as questions but essentially the questions are rhetorical.

A competent copywriter is not writing for fun on their favorite subject.  No, a good writer is forgetting about themselves and is getting into the mindset of their customer and client. Low end content that is mass produced overseas will not take the time to achieve this task.  A successful writer needs to persuade the reader to buy, donate or at least part with their email address. The old adage reads true that you get what you pay for.  The bottom line is that anything that is any good will need to be paid for.

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