Content is like a window in the sky

I was at a meeting this week and I heard an SME businessman say that content is like a window in the sky.  It sounded profound.  I had a sense of what he mean’t but I checked with him after the meeting.  He told me that it was his belief that we are all in the public relations game, all of us as individuals as well as in the business community. The individual concerned runs a very successful e-commerce website.

I thought about what he said.  Yes, we are all in the business of marketing whether we are presenting our business case, our brochure, our CV or even our personal appearance as potential lovers.  We are also presenting ourselves in social media.  What amount of time would you spend on an empty profile? Not much time I sus

Content is the magic ingredient for website presentation that sets us apart from the competition on the web.    We may have outstanding flashy website design and layout but without content we lack substance.  Unique, creative and imaginative content is what will set your website apart and open up possibilities for sales growth, conversions and networking. So, yes content is like a window in the sky.

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