Do business start ups resent spending on content writing?

Do business start ups resent spending on content writing? This was one of the themes at a recent conference that was discussing the willingness of business start ups to invest time and resources in their content management strategy.  Invariably this will require business start ups to put their hand in their pocket.  This is where business start ups can think of the negative aspects of such investment.  Rather than thinking of the sales and marketing benefits of uploading regular keyword specific (SEO) content they often concentrate on the funds leaving their account without a proper assessment of the real benefits that are coming their way. This is not surprising when cash glow is often a major issue for start ups, indeed SMEs in general, but it is short sighted.

Figures recently issued by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) showed that SMEs accounted for more than half of employment (59.1%) and almost half of turnover (48.6 %) in the UK private sector.  (These figures were for the first six months of 2010). There will have been many reasons for why individual businesses have had to cease trading, but whatever the underlying cause, the real issue comes when a business arrives at a standstill because of a lack of cash. Some will have had some negative mitigating circumstances to deal with but for many the cause will have been poor financial management, and in particular cash flow. It is perhaps not surprising, therefore, that SMEs become unwilling to invest in content management services given their predicament.
However, any business start up that has e-commerce at the heart of its business planning must be prepared to spend on content procurement.  Failure to do so will see a loss of competitiveness, an absence of high search rankings and less authority in peer searches.

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