Is there any difference to content procurement between sectors?

Given that the economy is back in the public spotlight with the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement yesterday, there is discussion concerning difference to content procurement between sectors.  If the public sector recruitment freeze continues it is possible that freelance SEO content writers, and even SEO agencies, will gain more opportunities for content writing and other SEO services.  This of course implies that such providers can negotiate the often complex procurement procedures within government.  In the private sector the continued unwillingness on the part of companies, especially within the SME sector, to invest in new human resource could also indicate an opportunity for SEO writers. Recent research findings have found that whilst SMEs are more optimistic about the economic climate they are, nevertheless, reluctant to recruit additional resource to expand their business. This unwillingness to recruit can only be good for freelancers but is there any difference to content procurement between sectors?  Comments on a postcard.

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