Good content strategy requires competitor analysis

It is often asked how can good content be produced, that is both appropriate and focused, without any correlation to what the leading competitors are saying in the market place.  Any content writing strategy requires an audit, in the first instance, of keyword competition.  So, who are the leaders in search for the keywords?  How are they leading?  What is the role of content on their online presentation?  These are critical questions when deciding a content writing strategy for your site.

Content is indeed king.  But content will be only be one effect if, for example,  you are competing with Harrods for luxurious home-ware. In that case you can have the most dazzling website with the most unique and creative SEO content but this will have only a limited effect on sales conversion. Good content strategy requires competitor analysis but must be added to other critical sales conversion techniques. More on that in due course.

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