Get your web content right before engaging with social media

Are you thinking of engaging with social media to grow your business?  Online communication channels offer fantastic potential for your business to be more selective in targeting customers. However, it is common that business owners, particularly small businesses, set up social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter only to connect with old friends and existing contacts.

Social media engagement requires a commitment of time and a well-considered strategy. In order to manage a successful campaign, it is necessary that you monitor Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis. Blogs are a creative way of adding dynamic content but should be refreshed regularly, with new material added on a weekly or at least monthly basis.

Before engaging with social media, it will pay to get the basics right and ensure that your website content is fully optimized.  Think of your website as a glossy brochure. You are presenting the best aspects of your business in the best light.   Firstly, make sure that your website content is unique. The search engines will penalise your search ranking if it is copied.  Secondly, ensure your content does not contain any spelling mistakes. It is surprising how many large corporations publish spelling mistakes and grammatical errors on their websites.

Keep your key messages simple and to the point. Any PR campaign will start with your key messages and outline your unique selling points on your home page.  Make sure that the content clearly captures what you are offering and reinforces your key messages.  Visitors to your site will want to know instantly how you can help them.  Remember that they will most likely have found your site by searching your keywords. So, now that they have found you, make it clear what you are selling.

Ask yourself: does my site have dynamic content and news items relevant to the search terms?  Is the content regularly updated?  Sparkling website design can make a site look professional but will not necessarily help with your search engine ranking.  What you need is creative and persuasive content that will keep the attention of your reader. 

Now that your content writing strategy is robust, you are better placed to engage with social media.  You can add dynamic content by creating a news section or a blog so that your content is not static.  Returning visitors to your site will be more inclined to bookmark your site if you have relevant news and articles that keeps their interest. It would help to also make it easy for your reader to share the article. Open source widgets are easily available for free download that will help with your social media engagement.

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