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Thinking about how you can offer a better digital service and extend your brand?

Lets take the example of newspapers. What you need are excellent writers who are avid consumers of digital newspapers and magazines.  There are many strategists who have  got some very good ideas, if a bit London-centric, for making digital newspapers into one-stop service providers. After all  traditional print ones have always been a one-stop service provider, e.g.  supplying the weather, the court circular, television listings, lottery numbers etc. The marketing idea would be to give readers a reason to subscribe and then provide sufficient incentive to stay within their walls for lots of their needs.

You can see an extension of this idea in many different spheres with giants such as Google who are the experts of containing the customer within he walls of their platform by offering many services such as news, email, finance, cloud services, maps and so on. The latest example is Facebook deciding to join forces with HTC to produce a phone where the apps come from Facebook rather than from the Android platform. So, the question is how to contain your customer within the walls of your platform so that they buy additional services from you without having to step outside your platform in order to continue their customer journey.

Give Me Content understands the importance of quality content. Whether you are in the web marketing business, are a blog owner or perhaps just seeking to rank high in the search engines, there is simply no alternative to quality content.

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