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How many times have you heard people say what is SEO? Perhaps it is not surprising if you heard someone totally unrelated to working in a web  environment to ask that question. But would you expect any kind of start up business to be familiar with the term? 

Give Me Content understands the importance of quality content. Whether you are in the web marketing business, are a blog owner or perhaps just seeking to rank high in the search engines, there is simply no alternative to quality content. Contact Us and ask about our services.

Now we all know, or should know, that technocrats love to keep everyone else feeling ignorant.  However, I had thought that SEO was pretty well established as a commonly known term in the business community.  Perhaps not.  Some see it as a mysterious science and perhaps this is why SEO agencies get away with the prices they charge.  Businesses think that if they should sign a contract with an SEO agency then a magic wand will be waved.  The reality is that there is no magic wand.  Good SEO will in the long term comprise of regularly updated content that is unique, specific to the user’s needs, intelligent, relevant and imaginative.  Black hat techniques might show a short term pick-up in the search rankings but organic search results will ultimately be dependent on quality content.

Google pays less attention to ‘keywords’, unlike other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing,  and whilst they may be important in the overall design and construction of your site they are of lesser importance to Google.

It is important to remember that the PageRank of a page is judged by it’s inbound links and not effected by the outbound links on it. Outbound links only effect the amount of PageRank a page can pass on. If your homepage had 200 PageRank points that would only change if the links pointing to the page changed. Having said that if a page had 10 outbound links it could only pass on 20 PageRank points to each.  Therefore the more links you have on a page the less PR flows through each one.

Each inbound link which your site has can be counted as a vote in favour of your content. Indeed the more links you have then the more votes you have in your favour. Not every link will be a high vote, however, and some of the links may be potentially damaging to your site’s ranking.  It is, therefore,  important that you check the quality of those links to your site. Go for quality and above all relevancy as sites that link to your web pages should be relevant sites to your topic or subject matter.

Ultimately don’t be afraid of outbound links, this is how the web was designed to work in the first place. Content is the magic ingredient for website presentation that sets us apart from the competition on the web.    We may have outstanding flashy website design and layout but without content we lack substance.  Unique, creative and imaginative content is what will set your website apart and open up possibilities for sales growth, conversions and networking.

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