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One of the most significant developments witnessed in the results presented by search engines in the recent past is the notable preference on the part of search engines for longer pages.  Therefore, if you are in serious mode about developing pages that will rank in the top 10 results, then it is critical to begin increasing  both the quality and the length of your published content.

The websites that resemble either glossy ads or brochures, and often with limited content, are often ineffective, not only for SEO but also for marketing too, as they lack authority. The creation of quality content, that is regularly updated,  has become even more essential than ever before.

Creating a blog on your website is one of the most creative ways to add fresh content on a regular basis.  This will satisfy Google’s spiders and will also earn you SEO points. Blogging for a business will also carry a tangible PR benefit. Blogging offers a platform for customers and prospective customers to engage and interact with your business. Blogs additionally give your readers the opportunity to share the content on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, disseminating your brand image to a wider audience. It is simple to set up and administer, although some SEO agencies will make out that is akin to brain surgery, but the key is to upload unique content on a regular basis.  It is one thing having the blog in place and uploading a few articles but do you have the time or resources to upload regular, unique and relevant content?

The Do’s and Don’ts of content writing:

DO NOT have more than 15% of keyword density. It is advisable to keep it natural. Remember what your College tutor said.  It is not sufficient for your essay to be loaded with text, it needs to be in your own words.
Present your content in an easy to read manner  Your text will be easier to read on a computer screen if it is laid out with bullet points and summaries.
DO NOT COPY  You need to produce unique exclusive content only.  Think about it.  It would be far too easy, quite apart from laziness, to just copy and paste whole sections of essays, papers, websites, research papers etc.
You need to link your internal pages and keep it on subject.

The Google’s Panda Updates pretaining to Content:
There are greater sanctions for the use of duplicated content.
Diversity of content is welcomed by Google but it must be related, and do not just repeat same topics and subjects for content.
Google search rankings will reward relevant and useful content over the longer term.
The use of unigue content creates trust faster in SERPs.
Google affords more weight in search rankings to authority websites.

Give Me Content is here to help you publish high quality content that is relevant, unique and persuasive. The content which we produce is user friendly and search engine friendly that will make the difference to your marketing strategy.

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